APRIL 15 2013

What a day it has been

Again horrific news

What was supposed to a monumental cause for celebration

Many friends to take part

Has instead ended in my broken heart

Who would make this choice

So deliberate so vengeful

Causing such chaos such hurt

Why not choose to use your voice

To communicate your hate

I don’t try to understand your demand

I don’t give a care about you fearful cause

My friends are safe that I know

Many are not though

As for you, you heartless soul

May your fate be damned



I sink in a chair

Sweat entwined through my hair

My skin bare to the sun’s touch

Relaxing taking in the dizzying noise still running through my head

Breathing normal again- smooth and slow

Legs heavy not wanting to go 

To the day’s next destination

Just sit for a little more

Take in the glow of where I have been

Then be within the moment at hand

Close my eyes picture the sand on a beach a boat on the horizon

Breath deep, relax calming the beat of my heart

The breeze dries my hair as I continue to

Sink in my chair


Start slow…Relax

Feel the breeze caress my face

Arms and legs fumbling towards perfect synchronization

Breathing grows heavier

Clear my mind and look around

As the clouded sky grows dark to night

Look ahead see the trail wind back and forth

Steady my breath…relax

My thoughts flow through but never stay

Focus on the trees enveloping my view

Faster now almost gliding

Breathing softens, pace steadies

Let the colors flow through my mind

Yellow, black, green and red

Take the place of the thoughts of today

I like this place it feels safe happy

As my feet continue in perfect sync 

Softly tapping the pavement not making a sound

Move faster now sweat beading on my brow…Relax

Enjoy the ride

I feel good, I feel alive