Win for you my son
Just a chance to take away
Pitch, strike 3- he’s out



Comfortably so like the song
But not to the point of being dumb
The kids don’t care
The dog’s going to die
Just leave me be
I’m ok
Scarily so no emotions to feel
Is this my new way to deal?
Why can’t I feel
Should I worry?
I just can’t
Not in me
All gone, spent on the past
Nothing left
On an emotional fast
I’m going to go with it
Just be you see
I have that in me
As I continue to be
Numb today


S a squiggly snaking line
Ends where it begins or
Begins where it ends
The choice is yours to make
What the meaning is
Of this supposed symbol of meaningful
Alphabetical line that hisses out-loud
Tongue touching teeth
Careful though
Of the sneaky disguise
C what I mean?

Prompted by fellow blogger extraordinaire-  J A @


Guilt sets in

An emotion full of angst

Energy wasted worrying

from deep within

Others can’t see it, feel it, touch it

It is time consuming thoughts of negativity

Only within my control

Anxiety overtakes me

Like a foreign body a virus

Makes me feel sick my heart quick my breath shallow

Covered in sweat

I remember this feeling from before

And realize it is only I who can slam the door

Block its path to my inner core

I breathe deep and slow

Remember that place that brings a smile to my face

Relax the tidal wave of fear

Remember the good and those that are dear

Another deep breath watch it all disappear



Here I am day twenty-one
Stuck again, nothing within
So where do I begin?
I will start here with this pen
Write a word watch it unfold
Then I will try on more
And look deep within my core
Where I have been many times before
It is within these walls the best words float
Through long halls of pictures old and new
Memories I think they are called
Colored in so many hues
A vast gallery so fine so delicate
The renderings quickly disappear
With merely the slightest move
Quietly I tiptoe through
My mind silent careful not to touch what’s there
I stay for a short moment look around
Then decide to visit again tomorrow


The innocence of youth
So lovely to watch
Playing together carefree, unscathed
Eyes sparkling, mouths singing smiles
Laughter, the sound I hear
Running through the grass no fear
Moving so quickly it’s like they disappear
Into the cool spring air
Talking about everything this and that
Within a language all their own
Makes me remember a time so long ago


Well hello sun

So glad to see you today

It’s been awhile wouldn’t you say?

Wasn’t sure you were going to return

To grace us with your burn, your colorful overlay

Feel free to make yourself at home

And stay for a day or two at least

Would hate to see you go too soon

I’m not too proud to say

I need you in my life

You help me deal with the daily strife

Oh by the way I can feel you coming closer

Today your heat gives you away

I like you best this way 

I don’t want to scare you

So that is all I will say

But do stay and play at least for the day

Thank you Sun