Sit closely my sweet
Listen softly to the air-
Falling stars to dust



S a squiggly snaking line
Ends where it begins or
Begins where it ends
The choice is yours to make
What the meaning is
Of this supposed symbol of meaningful
Alphabetical line that hisses out-loud
Tongue touching teeth
Careful though
Of the sneaky disguise
C what I mean?

Prompted by fellow blogger extraordinaire-  J A @ http://runningfather.wordpress.com

An Emotional State

Tears flood my eyes but its not raining inside
Its unexplained, no longer numb
At the slightest glimpse of the shining sun
No control can be found
Crazy as it sounds
This is happening
I can no longer contain
The years of emotion- archives revived
No regrets just raging rapids
Of tears flooding my face
Cannot keep up the race
It feels to right
Shit I forgot to water the desert of dreams
Its never too late
I think I will remain in this state
And laugh till the skies drip down  my face


My head is painfully swollen with thoughts
That wont recede to the quiet empty I so need
Thoughts familiar of times I once lived- some bad some good
I just need to make sense of why the substance so thick but sweet
Continues to outgrow what lies beneath
Now is the only care I need to feel
So go away to that place clear of a thickness so dear to me
I cannot give in only think strong
And truth will believe what I am thinking now

Walking through 2011

Another year comes to a close
Made up of months that seemed like days
The hours ticked by in minutes which had to be seconds
What was learned what was gained
Its hard to say as time raced by
I am in the lead but am ready to slow from a run to a walk
just for a week a day at least
I am ready to take in the things I have just passed on by as if not there
As if I just did not care
I cant tell you what they are yet
But as I happen upon each one
I will take notes
Each day will be full
I will smile and laugh
A lot of effort
Everything will just fall into place
When the hardness appears I will examine without fear
And just continue walking and smiling
Not shedding a tear