Win for you my son
Just a chance to take away
Pitch, strike 3- he’s out



Comfortably so like the song
But not to the point of being dumb
The kids don’t care
The dog’s going to die
Just leave me be
I’m ok
Scarily so no emotions to feel
Is this my new way to deal?
Why can’t I feel
Should I worry?
I just can’t
Not in me
All gone, spent on the past
Nothing left
On an emotional fast
I’m going to go with it
Just be you see
I have that in me
As I continue to be
Numb today


S a squiggly snaking line
Ends where it begins or
Begins where it ends
The choice is yours to make
What the meaning is
Of this supposed symbol of meaningful
Alphabetical line that hisses out-loud
Tongue touching teeth
Careful though
Of the sneaky disguise
C what I mean?

Prompted by fellow blogger extraordinaire-  J A @


Breathe because I have to

Breathe deep because it’s relaxing

Breathe out because its natural

Breathe because it protects me

From the misery, the thoughts that project dark colors

Swirled together in a thick gelatinous filth

That hurts all the way down to my core

As it hardens and sits there heavy

Breathe through the monotonous tears rolling down my face

Caused not by sadness but anger, frustration some other has unleashed

Because I forgot to think it through

Because I forgot to breathe


Grab a rope

Lower it down

Through the muck so thick

Swirling around like a raging tide pool

Be quick or you will be sucked into the colorful abyss of turbulent thoughts

Climb fast to the top

Grab a shovel

Start filling the hole with the beige, gritty, sand-like, dirt Until it hardens

Once again blocking the path to the frustration and angst churning the emotions below



Push pull

Back and forth

Wont someone cave?

Usually yes

In this case not

I want this you want that

This and that could be the same

But who will know

I’m not going to tell you to tell me to tell you

What we both know is true

So we will surely miss it

This opportunity sitting before us

Beckoning us into the arms of something so deep, so fullfilling

Foreign ground to both i am sure

Fear abounds

But we will just continue to dance around 

Pretending we are so strong

As the opportunity fades away

Only to reveal our greatest weakness

Our easy comfort zone