Comfortably so like the song
But not to the point of being dumb
The kids don’t care
The dog’s going to die
Just leave me be
I’m ok
Scarily so no emotions to feel
Is this my new way to deal?
Why can’t I feel
Should I worry?
I just can’t
Not in me
All gone, spent on the past
Nothing left
On an emotional fast
I’m going to go with it
Just be you see
I have that in me
As I continue to be
Numb today


Quiet Mind Beach

Inside my mind is swimming slowly
Diving into each wave as the break
Spreads the white foam bubbles into one another
Each thought grows calmer than the next wave
As the tide dances in the background, moves further and further away
Each thought easier to take away with the next ebb
Until all thoughts are turned into one
My feet buried in the sand

An Emotional State

Tears flood my eyes but its not raining inside
Its unexplained, no longer numb
At the slightest glimpse of the shining sun
No control can be found
Crazy as it sounds
This is happening
I can no longer contain
The years of emotion- archives revived
No regrets just raging rapids
Of tears flooding my face
Cannot keep up the race
It feels to right
Shit I forgot to water the desert of dreams
Its never too late
I think I will remain in this state
And laugh till the skies drip down  my face