Comfortably so like the song
But not to the point of being dumb
The kids don’t care
The dog’s going to die
Just leave me be
I’m ok
Scarily so no emotions to feel
Is this my new way to deal?
Why can’t I feel
Should I worry?
I just can’t
Not in me
All gone, spent on the past
Nothing left
On an emotional fast
I’m going to go with it
Just be you see
I have that in me
As I continue to be
Numb today


3 thoughts on “NUMB TODAY

  1. ” little late reply”

    I wrote a reply.
    A poem i think,
    about how sorry i am
    that you were sad.

    A click must have closed
    the window i opened.
    The comments made here
    are the thoughts

    that I had.

    be encouraged. Sorry I lost the comment.
    jim (;

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