It is a dream

Though it seems so real

I get to go there several times a year

The water as clear as I can see

A cool turquoise bright as the sunniest day

Always warm my skin has a bronze glow

I ride around in a boat nothing fancy of course

This place is laid back, low key

People are all very friendly

At every stop someone new

Hey I know you, your here too?

Each visit a little different

But the tone remains unscathed

I always think of living here

This place has become so dear

it calms me as I skim the water from place to place

Tiny islands I think, white sand under my feet

I belong here it feels like home

Though I have never really been here 

Look at the beautiful dolphins gliding by

The giant fish galore

Happy to see me again just like before

Maybe I will name them when I visit again

Hopefully tonight

I must go now my time here has come to an end

Lucky for me I know i get to come back over and over again


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